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The four verticals that define the project

Health & Performance

Injury prevention is a very important matter in high-performance sports and Sc Braga is trying to provide various tools to its teams that might allow achieving this goal with efficiency.

Likewise, the quality and preciseness of injury detection and the decrease in the players’ recovery time is a growing investment in sports. These indicators may represent competitive advantage and influence the results.  

Since Sports Performance depends on performance optimization, Sc Braga has been investing in specialized tools for physiologists to monitor their athletes more efficiently. These tools monitor their training and competition records and provide information on how to improve individual and collective performance.

Cidade Desportiva (Football & Sports)

Sc Braga is largely recognized by its main football team, but the club has also a huge expression in youth football and in the 14 different sports that are part of its structure. We’re talking about hundreds of athletes and dozens of technical teams.

The Cidade Desportiva (Sports City) is a physical infrastructure that clusters almost all the sports universe of Sc Braga. The goal of the club is to improve the resources available for all the sporting areas, particularly for the athletes, technical teams, and the various departments related to the sporting operation.

Smart Stadium & Arena

The Stadium of Braga is one of the most iconic Stadiums in the World. Inaugurated in 2003, the Stadium has a capacity for 30 000 people and has hosted the Euro 2004.

We live in an era where football and sports are considered entertainment industries, so it’s essential to establish a relationship with the supporters and their communities.

One of the goals of Sc Braga is to enhance and provide easier access to the Stadium and to diversify the operations and services inside it, extendable also to the rest of the sports infrastructures. An example of this effort is the new Arena of the club.

Our arena is located next to the Stadium and has a capacity for more than 1200 spectators. It hosts Futsal matches, Basketball matches, Volleyball matches, and other sports.

Fan Engagement

The technological possibilities related to fan relationship management are simultaneously a challenge and an opportunity for Sports entities. Sc Braga has been diversifying the contact platforms with its audience as well as the tools for measuring and analyzing it.

 It’s important to be aware that the relationship with the audiences is in constant change and that the new generations establish a different interaction with football and sports. The challenge of the clubs now is to understand how to take advantage of and optimize the new world of possibilities that are available in this new digital era.

To know, accompany and deepen the relationship with fans in the different contact platforms is primordial for the future of Sc Braga and for its growth, expansion, and internationalization strategy.